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Case IH Magnum and MX Tractor Floor Mats

Case IH Magnum and MX Tractor Floor Mats

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Product Description

*Picture for reference. Mat color is grey

TractorMat™ is the first company ever to offer form-fitting floor mats for cabs in the agricultural industry. Each mat is made to fit a specific and different make and model of equipment and is guaranteed to fit the cab perfectly.

Give your Case IH Magnum and MX Series Tractor the highest quality, precision-fit floor mat containing all types of liquid and debris prolonging and protecting the interior of your tractor. TractorMat's Case IH floor mats are heavy-duty for all types of weather and environments including snow, rain, dirt, mud and much more.

Durable-We use a high grade, Durable Thermo-Plastic that is made to handle the elements and materials that are tracked into the cab..

Guaranteed for Life- Lifetime warranty on all TractorMat floormats!

Flexible- Easy installation and removal to discard materials that are tracked into the cab.

Made in the USA-TractorMat is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA. Our tractor floor mats guarantee fitment on any tractor with durability in mind for a long service life.


Floor Mats Available For Models: Magnum 7110 w/o Foot Throttle, Magnum 7120 w/o Foot Throttle, Magnum 7130 w/o Foot Throttle, Magnum 7140 w/o Foot Throttle, Magnum 7150 w/o Foot Throttle, Magnum 7210 w/o Foot Throttle, Magnum 7220 w/o Foot Throttle, Magnum 7230 w/o Foot Throttle, Magnum 7240 w/o Foot Throttle, Magnum 7250 w/o Foot Throttle, Magnum 8910 w/o Foot Throttle, Magnum 8920 w/o Foot Throttle, Magnum 8930 w/o Foot Throttle, Magnum 8940 w/o Foot Throttle, Magnum 8950 w/o Foot Throttle, AFS Connect Magnum 180, AFS Connect Magnum 200, AFS Connect Magnum 220, AFS Connect Magnum 240, AFS Connect Magnum 250, AFS Connect Magnum 280, AFS Connect Magnum 310, AFS Connect Magnum 340, AFS Connect Magnum 380, AFS Connect Magnum 400, Magnum 180, MX 180, Magnum 190, Magnum 200, MX 200, Magnum 210, MX 210, Magnum 215, MX 215, Magnum 220, MX 220, Magnum 225, MX 230, Magnum 235, Magnum 240, MX 240, Magnum 245, MX 245, Magnum 250, MX 255, Magnum 260, MX 270, Magnum 275, MX 275, Magnum 280, MX 285, Magnum 290, Magnum 305, MX 305, Magnum 310, Magnum 315, Magnum 335, Magnum 340, Magnum 370, Magnum 380

For bulk orders or custom-branded floor mats, please contact

Additional Information

Warranty Information

TractorMat floor mats have a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. Defects include but are not limited to faulty materials, color fading, unintended product deterioration, etc. Damage caused by normal wear and tear is not covered under the warranty. If the product is used for an unintended purpose, then the warranty is void. This warranty only extends to the original purchaser.

In the instance a warranty is approved, TractorMat will provide the same model originally purchased or the closes equivalent at the time. If the product has been discontinued, then no warranty replacement will be issued. To file a warranty claim, please contact the retailer who you purchased the mat directly from. Pictures and inspections are required for warranty approval.

Shipping Information

Mats come shipped in a single box (Up to three mats per box). All orders are shipped out in 2 business days. Once your mat arrives, we recommend taking it out of the box immediately and placing it face-down (logo side towards the floor) to allow for the mat to flatten before installation.

The first ever form-fitting farm equipment and tractor floor mats


    We use high-grade plastic that is made to handle the elements and materials that dirty your cab


    Easy installation and removal to discard materials that are tracked into the cab


    TractorMat's tractor floor mats are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA